Open Data and Transparency Portal

Open Data

In this section of the portal you will find all the information that the city council makes available to its citizens and reusers. You will see that they are presented in different formats to allow both their direct visualization on the portal and their use by people or companies wishing to build new applications from them, even for commercial purposes, contributing to social innovation and economic growth in the region.

All the data that can be represented in tabular formats (green in the name of the format) you will see them in tables where you can sort, filter and group them according to your convenience and from them generate different types of graphics that facilitate your interpretation, in the case that contain geographic coordinates you can also generate a map with them. It’s very easy, try it and you’ll see …



In this section we will show you how our city council responds to the transparency indexes that Transparencia Internacional España has drawn up to measure the level of transparency before citizens and society of Spanish municipalities. You will see that access to them is organized for years (you can see how the city council was in previous years compared to the current year) and within each year the transparency indicators that we must complete (ITA 2104, ITA 2017, etc.). These indicators are organized in the form of a tree where you can go down to find their leaves, that is, the basic indicators to which we must respond.

This section also guarantees the right of access to public information in the terms provided for in the Constitution (Article 105.b), and in Chapter III, specifically in Article 17 of the Law on Transparency, Access to Public Information and Good government allowing you to request the administration to provide you with other information that you do not find in your answers to the indicators.


Last indicators


Transparency Indicators ITA-2017 (2021)

D.2.2 The detailed list of grants and public grants awarded by the City Council, indicating their amount, purpose or purpose and...



Transparency Indicators ITA-2017 (2022)

A.3.2 The previous agendas of the Municipal Plenary.

ORDEN DEL DÍA PLENO ORD. 2022-11-29 (0 B)


Transparency Indicators ITA-2017 (2022)

A.3.4 The complete agreements of the Boards of Governors, and the complete Acts when they act by delegation of the Plenum.

Acuerdos J.G.L. 2022-11-16 (0 B)

Evolution of the Population

Population in the year 2016

34,543 inhabitants

Population in the year 2017

33,540 inhabitants

- 2.9%